How To Kill Information Overload – Part 1

Every time I do a survey asking what their number one problem is – a large majority of them say information overload is killing them and their business.

Who can blame them.

Every day our emails are jammed packed of bright, new shiny objects to send us down a new rabbit hole.

Not to mention Facebook, twitter, TV & radio. Information relentlessly comes at us 24 hours a day whether we was for it or not.

So today we’re going to take the first step in curing information overload once and for all.

Here’s step one – reducing the flow.

The first thing I recommend you doing is to go on a strict information diet. This means reducing the amount of TV news, radio, podcast, etc that you list to. In fact, if you’re consuming over 5 hours of information a week – you’re consuming too much.

Last year I decided to stop watching the news altogether. It was the smartest decision I’ve made. Not only do I not get bombarded with constant negativity (someone was shot, this store was robbed, the economy is in the toilet),  I also get to focus on things that really affects me.

But Tim you ask – what about staying informed about hot topics and current events? Well when anything major happens in the world – the first place I usually hear about it is on Facebook.

Trust me, if something big happens you’ll be able to access all the media you want (internet, TV, radio, etc) but until then – keep the idiot box off during the nightly news.

So now that we’ve reduced your TV addiction (and saved you a bunch of time while improving your overall feelings about the world), lets tackle the second biggest distraction in your life – your inbox.

Flat out, email marketing is aggressive and it isn’t going to change. Lucky for you, you control who gets access to your eyeballs.

Think about it for a second, would you have half the people who are currently in your inbox over for dinner?

If not, it’s time to get rid of them.

Here’s my recommendation – go on a purge today. Spend no more than 30 minutes unsubscribing to every email list you no longer want to be a part of.

If you’re not getting value from someone, get off their list.

Trust me, you can always sign back up if you really need to, but today is all about reducing the flow.

Picture it like a faucet. For the past few weeks, months, and maybe even years you’ve been letting it stay on with full strength. The water starts rushing into the sink so fast that it actually overflows and starts dripping down the cabinets.

Then it soaks the carpet. Next it attacks the structure and eventually it gets into the foundation. In no time, the house is ruined and has to be abandoned.

Your brain is no different. Today is the day you shut off the faucet and reduce the amount of information bombarding you daily.

So again, take 30 minutes and unsubscribe from every email newsletter that doesn’t bring value into your life.

Next time we’ll tackle the second step – this one promises instant clarity and relief.

You know what, I’ve decided, let’s have some fun with this. Whoever can unsubscribe from the most email newsletters in a single day – wins a free copy of the 4 Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss.

Just post how many you email list you unsubscribed from today (I’ll ask for proof so be honest) and the highest number wins.

Contest ends 12/14/12 at midnight.


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